Is your organization at risk because of inadequate or non-existent cybersecurity controls? If your answer is “yes”, or “I’m not sure”, then Nonprofit Sector Strategies can help your company mitigate its risk.

According to a recent survey:

  • 55 percent of respondents say their companies have experienced a cyber-attack in the past 12 months (May 2015 – May 2016), and
  • 50 percent report they had data breaches involving customer and employee information in the past 12 months (May 2015 – May 2016).


We recently learned about an even more current post relating to the issue of cybersecurity for business, published by Broadband Search:

Nonprofit Sector Strategies offers a variety of services to minimize your organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities. These services include an initial assessment of your organization’s cyber-security profile, recommendations to address potential risk, and, if desired, implementation of appropriate controls.

Information Management

Does your organization suffer from inconsistent or incomplete data entry, or inadequate dissemination of mission-critical information?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Information Management is “the process of collecting, organizing, storing, and providing information within a company or organization.”

Nonprofit Sector Strategies will help your organization ensure that the appropriate collection, organization, storage and distribution of strategic information is in place.

Implementing an information management systems is only effective if the data contained within the system is complete and maintained in a consistent manner. When maintained properly, it becomes a strategic advantage in helping to further the organization’s mission.

Nonprofit Sector Strategies has developed proven methodologies to ensure that an organization will benefit from consistent and well-maintained information management systems. In many ways, putting these processes in place will actually simplify the adoption and utilization of a department’s technology investment.

Nonprofit Sector Strategies will develop a “Nonprofit Function Playbook” for each area of the organization. The Playbook categorizes the activities for that particular area of the organization into Triggers, Ongoing Processes and Close Out functions and identifies each stakeholder in those processes.


Nonprofit Function Playbook
Stakeholder Triggers Ongoing Process Close Out

A Nonprofit Function Playbook for each area of the organization will ensure two things:

  • Each stakeholder will know their responsibility for a given function, thereby reducing the opportunity for miscommunication;
  • It will ensure there is consistency of process when onboarding new employees,


If you would like to learn more about how we can develop a Nonprofit Function Playbook for your organization, contact us:

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