An engaged board of directors is integral to an organization’s growth and sustainability.

We support board engagement and good governance practices in two key ways:

  • Consulting & Facilitation Services
  • BellesBoard (Our signature nonprofit board of directors portal)

Consulting & Facilitation Services

Would you like your board members to be more invested in your organization’s mission? Are your board members unsure of their responsibilities? Do you need assistance recruiting new members?

Here’s how we help:

Board of Directors Matrix
We’ll facilitate an interactive discussion to evaluate your board’s strengths, weaknesses and needs. During this discussion, we’ll help you identify gaps and inefficiencies, while also emphasizing what’s working well.

Targeted Recruitment (if applicable)
Once your organization’s needs are confirmed, we’ll help you come up with strategies to find new board members who are a good fit for your organization.

Clear Expectations & Communication
Board members are most engaged and invested in your organization when they know what is expected of them. We’ll help you convey that information in a way that resonates with your members.

Board Diversity
A board made up of people with diverse skill sets, people with diverse backgrounds, people from various generations, etc. has been proven to be most effective. If your organization would like to focus on this aspect of board development, we can adapt our facilitation framework with this in mind.

Key Growth Areas
While this is traditionally a discussion that is part of strategic planning processes, we also love bringing board members together to identify your organization’s key growth & opportunity areas. It is a great team-building activity and can be a great jump start to growing board engagement.

The NSS Approach

Serving on a nonprofit board should be a positive experience for your board members. To that end, NSS recommends that the approach is:

REWARDING. We foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and team-building throughout the process.
A PARTNERSHIP. We partner with you to develop collective goals and vision.
UNIQUE. We create a custom roadmap & facilitation frameworks for your organization.
VISUAL. We aim to make content visually appealing and readable.

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