Services Designed for Today’s Nonprofit Organization

Want to provide better information to the board with less time and effort?

Is your organization defining and tracking the right metrics?

Would you like to receive more benefit from social media?

Would you like to get more value from your technology investment?

Need a customized plan that includes a bit of everything?

Need help with your technology infrastructure?

Not sure which service will yield the best result?

Board Portal

BellesBoard is a web-based portal that…

  • enables board members, the executive director and designated staff to access a central site for all board-related information;
  • saves time, increases productivity and enhances board engagement; and
  • is a “one-stop shop for securing, organizing and accessing all of your board’s important information.”

Nonprofit Dashboard

The dashboard enables nonprofits and foundations to see, in real-time, “gauges” of their own choosing that provides a visual report of performance related to the organization’s mission.

Clients can choose from a predefined list of gauges or we will create custom gauges based on specific requirements.

Gauges within the dashboard are refreshed automatically at a frequency selected by the client.

Social Media Optimization

Does your organization have an active presence on social media?

If not, then you are missing out on opportunities to tell the story of your work and your impact.

We help clients create and leverage their social media footprint. The social landscape is ever-changing and we can help you craft a strategy across the following platforms:

Information Management &
Cyber Security

Does your organization suffer from inconsistent data entry, or inadequate dissemination of mission-critical information?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Information Management is “the process of collecting, organizing, storing, and providing information within a company or organization.”

Nonprofit Sector Strategies will ensure that the appropriate collection, organization, storage and distribution of an organization’s strategic information is in place.

Technical Support

Nonprofit Sector Strategies can provide support for a nonprofit or foundation to fill in any gaps in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

These services can cover anything from ensuring appropriate backup and restore capabilities are in effect and properly working to ensuring that proper security processes are in place to protect against unwarranted penetration of an organization’s network.

Improvement Program

We provide a custom comprehensive review and recommendations for improvement to help maximize mission impact.

The program focuses on the following areas:

  • Board of Directors
  • Donor Management / Fundraising
  • Staff / Volunteers
  • Community Outreach / Partnerships
  • Campaigns / Program Management
  • Compliance

Online Self-Assessment

Nonprofits and foundations are able to take an online assessment of their organization. The assessment will enable the organization to:

  • Measure its performance against industry “best practice” benchmarks;
  • Compare its results against other nonprofits and foundations.

Organizations can take the assessment multiple times so they can measure ongoing progress.

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