Looking to Serve on a Nonprofit Board? 6 Things to Do First

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Are you considering joining a nonprofit board? Does your day job leave you feeling like you want to give back in another way? If so, lending your professional expertise to a charitable organization could be a great step to take, but there are also a few things you should think about first.

Do these 6 things BEFORE you decide to join a nonprofit board:

  1. Assess your motivations.
    Why do you want to be on the board? Make sure you’re comfortable with the answer to that question.
  2. Get clarity on expectations.
    Once you’re in touch with an organization, find out what is expected of you — both from a financial perspective as well as a time perspective.
  3. See what’s out there.
    Whether through your own network or through sites like charitySTRONG, there are scores of nonprofit organizations that are looking for quality board members.
  4. Know your board member duties and responsibilities.
    Review this list from the National Council of Nonprofits. (Hint: A conflict of interest policy is required by law.) 
  5. Reflect on what causes you’re most passionate about.
    Your service will be that much more rewarding if you’re able to tap into something you strongly believe in.
  6. Do your research!
    Request information such as an organization’s most recent strategic plan – within this document you should also familiarize yourself with its mission, vision and values.

Volunteering as a nonprofit board member is a great way to give back to your community — and when you find an organization that is a great fit for you, it can be both fun and rewarding.

Has your organization recently recruited new board members? Please comment below to share best practices!


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