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Whether you are a nonprofit leader or serve on a nonprofit board, we would be interested in your reaction to the statistics below related to board engagement. 

According to survey by Stanford Graduate School of Business of 924 Nonprofit Directors:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 are dissatisfied with the board’s ability to evaluate organizational performance; 
  • More than 50% do not believe their fellow board members are very experienced or engaged in their work; and
  • Over 25% of nonprofit directors do not have a deep understanding of the mission and strategy of their organization.

Board engagement and management is something that many nonprofit organizations struggle with, for a variety of reasons.

Does this surprise you?

Unfortunately, they did not surprise us because we have heard these sentiments over and over again in talking with board members and executive directors across the nonprofit sector.

We actually created a software product – BellesBoard – that helps address these specific challenges and more:

  • The BellesBoard product helps to reinforce the organization’s mission statement each time one logs in – it is the first thing board members see on their homepage. This is to consistently reinforce the mission, vision and values of the organization in which they serve. (see bullet 1 above)
  • BellesBoard’s “Dashboard” tab provides a custom snapshot of an organization’s metrics. In seconds, an organization can have a financial health “scorecard” for board members to quickly view current financial metrics.(see bullet 2 above); and
  • The BellesBoard “Tasks” tab is a built-in project management tool that improves board engagement and accountability. Projects can be easily assigned to specific members or committees and the chronology of progress is stored in one, easy-to-access location. (see bullet 3 above)

We would love to hear about what’s working at your organization to grow board engagement! Share in the comments section below. 

To schedule a 20-minute BellesBoard demo or get more information, here’s where to start.

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